Morse Tutor Kits

As many of you know and have seen, Vince VE6LK/AI7LK and I have been packaging and selling a Morse Tutor kit that is based on the design and software developed by Bruce W8BH.

Watch an actual demo of the Tutors on Kyla AA0Z’s You Tube channel.

As a service to the ham community, and having experienced the fact that sourcing all the necessary parts is not easy nor cheap, we decided to do the component sourcing and collection, and to offer all the necessary bits in one convenient bundle.

We also test several of the components, including the buck converter, display, and speaker. Yes, the speakers; we had a run of bad ones a while ago.
The ESP32 is programmed and tested with the latest version of software.

The assembly instructions are clear and easy to follow. There are several test points along the build process.

For those not wanting to assemble the kit themselves, we can assemble and test it for you for a small additional fee. The shipping cost increases a bit due to the larger box size of the assembled unit.

Start the ordering process for your kit at

November 2023 update:
We are caught up on all our orders. Plus, we have several kits in stock ready for immediate shipment.