The Morse Tutor kits do not include an enclosure. For those looking for a way to house your tutor, there is a printable enclosure model on the W8BH Github site available for download for this board version, as well as the previous tutor board based on the Blue Pill microprocessor.
I was given a link to another case model, but it is a bit crude, and has a screw-on faceplate.

I was not really satisfied with either of these enclosures. If you’ve been following my progress learning 3D solid modelling on other pages on this site, you’ll see that I’ve been getting braver and more capable, and I’ve been designing more complex projects and items. One of those complex projects has been a design for a tutor enclosure that I think is more attractive and practical.

After measuring and validating the model a number of times, I printed my first draft of the model. Here it is with the actual tutor board in place.

It looks like a pretty viable design at this point.
The board is a good fit, and the top faceplate snaps on with retaining clips along the sides. The openings for the various connectors and jacks are aligned and shaped better.

September 2022 update:

The new enclosure model design is finished and ready for printing.
The STL files are available to those who have bought our kits.

Contact Vince or myself by email for the files.