Upcoming activations:

Carburn Park – VE-5933

Inglewood Bird Sanctuary – VE-3046

Okotoks Erratic – VE-6094

*The first two will be 2-fors, as they overlap the Great Trail of Canada VE-5082

No dates are planned for any of these yet.

Also, in Montana, I’ll do several more activations of K-4505, as I’m working towards a Repeat Offender Avtivator award from this park.
I’ll also be venturing further south to activate Stillwater and the two entities on the east and west sides of Whitefish Lake.
I also discovered that the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail K-4568 runs through K-4505 in several places nearby, so I’ll be activating this 2-for combination from time to time.

As always, I’ll post spots on pota.app when activating.